Bayfield Gardens, Dymock, Gloucestershire, GL18 2BH

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Ann Cam Church of England Primary School

Little Daffodils Pre-School
Deeply Rooted and Flourishing Together



The ultimate responsibility for safeguarding children at Ann Cam lies with Mrs Sarah Smith, the Headteacher. Our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Mrs Smith. There are also a number of deputy DSLs on site.

Safeguarding children involves child protection but also takes a wider role. Every educational setting must have a Safeguarding (Child Protection) policy, which in conjunction with other school policies (e.g. SEND, behaviour, anti-bullying) should enable pupils and staff to feel supported in a safe and caring environment.

DSL - Mrs Sarah Smith

Deputy DSL - Mr Stephen Dean

Deputy DSL - Mrs Rachel Evans

Safeguarding Governors - Mrs Lynn Walker and Mrs Claire Cooke