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Supporting Home Learning Routines

You may find this document useful.


Owen, our Children and Families worker is filming weekly worship for all our children, and parents. For this final term we are focusing on Respect, one of our core values. The children, who are in school, enjoyed the first one last week. Hopefully, you can enjoy them at home as well.



Safety Week Poster Competition

Please see message below from SkillZONE.

Although SkillZONE cannot currently be open for visits we still want children and young people to be aware of our safety messages.  Therefore in conjunction with Child safety Week 1-7 June 2020 we are holding a SkillZONE Poster Competition for those aged 3-16.  Please see the attached documents for more information about this. The closing date is 28th May.

Poster Competition

Writing Ideas and Support - SEND

A new page has been added to the SEND home learning page to include support for writing.



The Young Mind Matters team have produced some wellbeing packs for parents and children who may be struggling during the lockdown. Please find them on the link below.

Wellbeing Packs


Tweedy's third challenge is now live.

Tweedy's third challenge

Please find Tweedy's second challenge below. Don't forget to tag any photos or videos.

Tweedy's Challenge

RE for Y5/6

Owen (our Children and Families worker) has produced another fabulous video for our Y5/6 children on the Kingdom of God. Please check it out below. Part 2 will be out next Friday.

Kingdom of God


Hello everyone,

We are extremely excited to launch Tweedy’s Glos School Games, bringing you fun activities to your daily routine at home as a family with the county’s favourite clown!!! Using objects around your home, Tweedy is here to set you weekly challenges for you to practice, complete, record and share with your friends to help your home activities during lockdown.

Here’s our first challenge, check out the video.

The weekly challenges will be released via the following formats on a Tuesday to be completed and sent across by Friday at 5pm…

  • Facebook- Gloucestershire School Games – like and share to receive updates and include your friends
  • Instagram- gloucestershire_school_games- look out for Instagram posts/videos/stories for updates and a chance to feature in regular shared attempts      from around the county
  • Twitter- @glosschoolgames – follow to view the updated challenges, information and posts showing attempts from around the county. Please Follow FOD School Games Twitter as a school, parent, friend etc.  @Forestofdeansc1 
  • Email- schools will be emailed the new challenge weekly to send out to their school community
  • Videos can be tagged with the #TweedysGlosSchoolGames & Emailed back:

This is a great opportunity to engage in a fun, achievable and at times a challenging activity with the opportunity to challenge others and yourself for a personal best!!!!  

Complete the challenge and showcase your talents to the wider world, take a video and send via the social media formats above or email  They’ll be a weekly round-up including clips submitted during the week to be broadcast across the social media formats.


Gloucestershire School Games Team

Remember to #TweedysGlosSchoolGames


For all our children who are missing worship, especially the singing and dancing!

The iSingPop team have put together a fantastic video for you to watch on Youtube. The first episode is called 'Joy' and is available now. New episodes will be available each Friday at 11:30.



At Ann Cam we are members of the CanDoMaths Club. In school teachers plan their lessons using resources produced by the club. They have now produced some parent packs to help you with home learning. They will be perfect because your children will be familiar with the types of questions, and also the characters used in the questions.

They have also produced some videos to help you with some of the workouts.

Please find the workouts on the Maths page under the Home Learning Tab.

English Club

Please see the message below from Mrs Bloomfield. You don't have to be in English Club to write a poem. I'm sure Mrs Bloomfield would love to see poems from all our children.

Hello English Club!

This term we would be looking at poetry, so even though we are all at home, I want to give you the chance to write some poems if you would like to.

Each week we usually look at a different kind of poem. Here are some of the kinds we would be looking at: Limerick, Haiku, Never Poems, Sonnets and Nonsense Poems.

You can google the types of poems to find out more about them if you need to, and this link will explain Never Poems:

If you would like to write some poems, they can be any kind of poems you like, in any style and on any theme – but if you are stuck for ideas, how about trying to write some about what life is like in lockdown.

Email me your work, or a photo of your poem to

I look forward to seeing your poems and to seeing you all again.

Mrs Bloomfield


The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) has produced a suite of materials ‘Support for maths learning and teaching during school closures’, which includes the first set of video lessons for primary age children.  ‘These short videos are intended to provide primary school pupils with interactive lessons while they are at home.  Teachers can choose how regularly they set them, but it is important that, within each batch, they are set in the suggested order.  Most lessons are 15-20 minutes long, each ending with suggested follow-up tasksThe current plan is for a new batch of five lessons to be added here every week.’

Please follow the links on this Powerpoint document.


The single most important thing your child should be doing at home.

Please read this document to help support your child with their reading.


Home learning ideas from the Facts4Life Team.


If your child is missing worship, or would like to complete some easy craft activities, please check out the videos of Owen, our Children and Families Worker.

Little Church

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