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Ann Cam Church of England Primary School

Little Daffodils Pre-School
Deeply Rooted and Flourishing Together

EYFS Curriculum



At Ann Cam C of E Primary, we design our EYFS curriculum based upon children’s prior learning. We consider where the children have come from and the foundations they have built. This not only includes previous settings, but their learning at home. We work closely with parents, carers and other settings to provide children with the best possible start to school, having a good understanding of children’s various starting points.  

Our curriculum is adapted each year to match the needs and interests of individual pupils whilst also building specific knowledge, identified through the EYFS framework, with emphasis on the prime areas of Personal, Social and Emotional development, Communication and Language, and Physical Development. We embed the language of learning based on the characteristics of effective learning. Our school vision ‘Deeply rooted and flourishing together’ encourages children to see the value in making mistakes, supporting others and being the best one can be.  


We ensure active learning and engagement through our classroom environment, continuous provision and play. Each year provides new and exciting opportunities for adult, guided, and child-initiated play and learning activities. We allow room for this when implementing our curriculum, adapting where necessary for different individuals. Our classroom environment allows for organised, intentional learning through provision opportunities. This allows children to become independent and aware of their own progress. Our EYFS classroom is a happy, inspiring place to be where each individual is celebrated.  


By celebrating individuals and implementing our curriculum our children will be able to develop the skills and understanding that enables them to flourish as learners. We see the impact of our curriculum in our children, who have positive attitude, natural curiosity and enjoy the process of learning new things. The calm environment we create ensure that the children remain focused and thoughtful about the world around them. The positive relationships our small cohorts of children build with adults ensure confident pupils. We prepare well-rounded, motivated children for ready for the next stages.  


If you would like to know more about what our Reception children get up to in a day, have a look at our 'Day in the Life of a Reception Child' below.