Bayfield Gardens, Dymock, Gloucestershire, GL18 2BH

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Ann Cam Church of England Primary School

Little Daffodils Pre-School
Deeply Rooted and Flourishing Together

Parents and Carers


If you are interested in having a look around our school please contact the school office in the first instance.


Mrs Freestone (school bursar) will be able to inform you if we have any free spaces in any year groups.


If you are interested in your child starting at Ann Cam in reception, please contact the office and make an appointment to visit the school.


The safety and well-being of our pupils.


The safety and well-being of our pupils is something that our school strives hard to ensure and we continue to work hard to provide ways to help you tell us if you or your children have any problems or worries which the school needs to know about such as bullying.


Reporting issues is a very effective way to enable us to deal with risks before they escalate into harm, and we already have several ways in which you can report to our school. That goes a long way in helping us create the safe and reliable environment for your children that you expect our school to be.


We understand too that sometimes, coming into school to tell us about these issues cannot always be an easy thing to do. Time? Arranging an appointment? Speaking with staff? Sometimes it can be a subject that you need to bring to our attention without wanting to identify yourself, but that you feel we need to know, particularly if it involves children’s safety.


That’s why we have Whisper on our school website, an anonymous reporting service for pupils, families and local community that allows you to send a message or text to a confidential school email account where staff experienced in responding to issues will receive it.


Please click on the image below to send a message.