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Ann Cam Church of England Primary School

Little Daffodils Pre-School
Deeply Rooted and Flourishing Together

Planning and Learning

At Little Daffodils we follow the 'Planning in the Moment' approach to children's learning and development.

We believe that for a child's learning to progress it has to start with the child and should be led by the child.  When a child first shows curiosity, as practitioners we will respond to this learning moment immediately when planning their next steps.

We understand that for learning to take place, a child needs to feel safe and secure. At Little Daffodils we start from the child's interests, and ensure and ensure the child remains happy and content, so the new learning is possible.  Each child's progress is maximised by putting their wellbeing first and responding in ways that respect and value their unique identity.

All children at Little Daffodils are encouraged to play outside as much as possible, children can be much noisier, messier, bigger and faster outside!!  As well as a playground with a playhouse , water tray, sandpit and slide, we also have a large grassed area (the 'Top Garden') and a wooded area with a mud kitchen.

Our environment is set up so that our resources are accessible to the children and they are varied and open ended.  This means that the children are free to use their imaginations and they are able to select resources that best support their chosen activity.



At Little daffodils we use 'Famly' which is an online learning journey.  Our parents and carers receive updates of their child's development and those special 'Wow' moments straight to their mobile phones.  Many of our parents and carers have told us how invaluable it has been to see photos of their child's learning, so that they can share in their achievements.

Parents and carers can also comment on these posts and inform us of any absences.  We can also send messages about special activities we are doing.