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At Ann Cam C of E Primary School, it is our intent that pupils will foster a positive mathematical attitude where they feel safe to try new things and aspire to have a go at challenging concepts. Our pupils will achieve a much deeper mathematical understanding through our lesson and activity design which ensures they do not ‘race’ through mathematical content, but rather explore concepts in more detail allowing them to enjoy the process of problem solving.

 We believe that ALL pupils are capable of and should have the opportunity to develop a love of mathematics. Our intent is to build a secure foundation of Mathematics to allow ALL children to gain confidence with fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills with the intention of enabling ALL pupils to become fluent and lifelong mathematicians.



Encompassing our mathematics curriculum is a mastery approach in which children are not rushed through the curriculum but allowed time to develop a secure and deep understanding of core mathematical concepts. As our spine, we adapt the White Rose Maths mixed year group overview to suit the needs of our children. 

Our mastery approach involves:

  • Building understanding in small manageable steps
  • Tailoring lessons to the individual needs of the children through assessment for learning strategies.
  • Providing clear structures and representations and building knowledge through our Calculation Policy.
  • Developing children's fluency in times tables by following our Times Table Progression document.
  • An ‘I do, We do, You do’ approach to guided practice and modeling.
  • Lesson designs which aim for daily Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving activities - however, teacher judgement may require a lesson to ‘linger longer’ on one of these areas.
  • The use of key vocabulary from our Mathematics Vocabulary Progression, sentence stems, questioning and building learning through a concrete, pictorial and abstract structure.


As a result of the mathematics curriculum provided at Ann Cam C of E Primary School children will:

  • Enjoy leaning about and using mathematics
  • Become fluent in mathematical skills detailed in The National Curriculum and transfer skills between
  • Be able to reason about their choice of method, how they have worked out answers and why methods are appropriate and successful.
  • Use their fluency and reasoning skills to be able to solve mathematical problems efficiently and
  • Develop a growth mind set in mathematics, believing that everyone can be good at Maths and be resilient when approaching mathematical tasks, both independently and collaboratively.
  • Be confident in communicating about mathematical concepts when working collaboratively with


What extra can you do at home?

Children are encouraged to continue their learning at home. The calculation policy shares the methods we use in school so that parents/carers can use the same methods at home that the children use in school. is a website that provides access to virtual versions of the resources that we regularly use with the children and can be used to support the children's learning at home. 

 As with any skills, the more we practice, the better we get. Here are some useful links to games that can be used at home: