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Local Advisors


Welcome to the Local Advisors section

Local advisors are people who want to make a positive contribution to children's education. Their role is voluntary. They contribute to the strategic discussions at the local advisory board meetings and hold the senior leaders to account by monitoring the school’s performance. They ensure that the school staff have the resources and support they require to do their jobs well and assist with a wide range of specific tasks.

As an Academy we do not come under the responsibility of the Local Authority, instead we are part of a Multi Academy Trust that is funded directly by the Department for Education. The Trust is responsible for everything: the school buildings and grounds; the employment of staff, and all aspects relating to the education provision for our pupils. Trustees are Directors of what is, in effect, a small sized company.

The register of attendance for the local advisors is below. The Trust  Board is responsible for Standards and Achievement and Finances.  More information can be found on the Primary QuEST website.  The Local Advisory Board is responsible for Safeguarding and the implementation of the Curriculum and is responsible to the Trust Board. The Trust Board meets 6 times a year and the Local Advisory Boards meet 5 times a year.

 The Trust’s accounts are published in December and are open to public inspection.


The Local Advisory Board is responsible for monitoring the delivery and organisation of the school’s curriculum; the progress that your children make in their learning, and the standards that are being achieved at key points throughout the time that your children are with us.

Additionally, we have responsibility for ensuring that a Christian ethos pervades all that is done in the school.


Health, Safety and Safeguarding

The Local Advisory Board is responsible for ensuring that the Health and Safety procedures are followed and adhered to.  This includes reviewing of policies and practice.


Please contact the Co-chairs of the Local Advisory Board, Mr Justin Gregory or Mrs Cath Williams with any questions at


Members of the Local Advisory Board:

Mr Justin Gregory

Mrs Cath Williams

Mr David Powell

Mrs Rachel Hall

Rev Molly Boot

Mr Liam Walsh

Mrs Sarah Smith

Instrument of Government

The name of the governing body is 'The governing body of Ann Cam Church of England Primary School.'


The local advisory board shall consist of:

  • 4 foundation local advisors
  • 2 staff local advisors
  • 2 additional local advisors


Foundation local advisors shall be appointed by Gloucester Diocesan Board of Education after consultation with Dymock, Donnington, Kempley and Preston Parochial Church Councils.


The principal officiating minister of the ecclesiastical parishes of Dymock, Donnington, Kempley and Preston shall be a foundation governor ex officio.


The Local Advisory Board will follow the Primary QuEST Scheme of Delegation and meet 5 times per school year.


Clerk to Governors - Ellie Hully