Ann Cam Church of England Primary School

Ann Cam Church of England Primary School
& Little Daffodils Pre-School

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Clay pots

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Class 4 Commandos (2019-20)

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Every week Class 4 are lucky enough to have training from ex military commandos. The activities range from vehicle building to First Aid

Class 1 Artwork

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Come and have a look at Class 1's amazing artwork!

Maths games

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Class 2 enjoy using maths resources to help their learning.

Topic - Space.

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Activity Week

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Aztex Water Sports, Bowling, Waitrose Cookery School, Cotswold Wildlife Park, London and to top it all off a chillout day with Fish and Chips!!


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A fun day learning how to fence

Commando Training

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From now until Christmas Class 4 are very lucky to have Commandos Louis and Tom come in and teach them all about First Aid, hard work and resilience through a number of different activities. Photos will be uploaded weekly showing all Class 4 have been up to

Bible Build

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Every Monday Aly and Mike will be coming in to teach stories from the Old Testament using Lego

The Fire Brigade Visit

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Class 2 loved learning about life in the fire brigade

A visit from Ramsey the Sheep

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This sheep has been taken around schools in the Diocese for decoration

K*Nex Challenge

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Designing and Creating a model that can lift a 'wheel of cheese' and place it on a high shelf

Class 4 Trip to Chepstow Races

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As part of our topic on Healthy Eating

Whole School Visit from National Star Charity

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Ann Cam pupils were very fortunate to have a visit from the National Star College, they learnt all about the fantastic things they do to help children and young adults with disabilities. The children experienced what it was like to live with a disability and how performing even the simplest tasks become very difficult. They had to build a Lego tower when they could not see, put on a T-shirt when they could only use one arm and pick up counters when they could not use their fingers.

World War One Commemoration Week at Ann Cam

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Felting, sewing, cutting and sticking - it's been a manic week at Ann Cam

A Village Walk

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We learned about the history and landmarks of Dymock Village

Class 2 Skateboarding

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Great fun!

Class Two Gingerbread House

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Great fun making and decorating our gingerbread house

Class 4 Lego Robotics Challenge

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Class 4 had a fantastic time creating and programming Lego robots. The robots had a score a goal and dance before Strictly judges!

Forest School in Class 4

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Building Dens with Mrs Pearson

Class 4 Sky Academy Trip

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Class 4 had an amazing time in London at the Sky Academy Studios. Here they were lucky enough to create their own movie trailer. They each had a different role to play: actor, editor, producer, director, sound engineer and cinematographer. They were even able to add in their own special effects and use a green screen!

Our first few weeks in Reception 2018

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During their first few weeks at school, the children in Reception have been having lots of fun exploring and playing with the resources in our classroom and outdoor area. Including: climbing on the play tunnel, digging in the sand and mud, exploring forest school, playing ball games, dressing up, role play, riding on the balance bikes, building lego models, counting objects, singing, playing musical instruments and so much more!

Science in Class 2

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Learning about electricty

Loving Learning - English and Maths

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Using games and resources to make learning fun

Playtime at Ann Cam

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Class Two always have fun at break time!

Class 4 Motte and Bailey Castles

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A motte and bailey castle, often spelt as motte-and-bailey, is old type of castle and one of the first castles to be built in England. The castle is made up of two parts: The motte is a raised mound of earth which has a wooden or stone building on it, often referred to as a keep. The bailey is an enclosed courtyard that is surrounded by walls and a ditch and palisade which is a wooden stake fence.

Class 2 Trip to Hartpury College

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A fun and action-packed day learning orienteering and survival skills in the forest at Hartpury College

Quad Kids 2018

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Rainforest Topic

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We loved learning about the rainforests - where they are, what they are like, which creatures live there and the importance of protecting them

Forest School in Class 2

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We have enjoyed lots of activities outside on Friday afternoons

Cheltenham Science Festival Trip June 2018

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A wonderful day out for Class 2 at the Cheltenham Science Festival


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We made superhero capes as part of our topic, learning about materials, logo design, printing and sewing.


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Topic - Water

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Learning about water as a resource, the water cycle, sea creatures and water-inspired art.

Monet pictures

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In our water topic we enjoyed making beautiful Monet-inspired water lily pictures

Forest School

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Class 4 are very lucky to have Mrs Pearson take them out during the Spring Term to do Forest School. Come and see what they have been up to!

K*nex Challenge 2018

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Class 4 were challenged to design and make a playground out of K*nex. They had to ensure it was accessible to all ages and abilities. I have never seen such a variety of designs and level of creativity! Mo from STEMworks was very impressed!

Class 4 STEMworks Lego Programming day

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Class 4 had a fantastic day with Mo from STEMworks. She taught them not only how to make their own robot from Lego, but also how to program it to perform different tasks - which they then were scored on. The children had to make their robot dance (with lights and sound effects) score a goal and park itself in a very small space! Class 4 very amazing and learnt some invaluable teambuilding and programming skills. Well done to our winning group: Maisie and Sam!

Topic: Food

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We have been learning all about food - types of food, food groups, where it comes from and food miles, and doing lots of tasting!

Year 6 Cathedral Leaver's Service

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Year 6 were able to go to Gloucester Cathedral along with a number of other schools from the county. We were chosen to sing and dance with the company iSingPop as well as lead prayers at the end of the service. They did Ann Cam proud!

PE Week

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Class 4 had a great week going on the Daffodil Walk, rock climbing, skipping and Maypole Dancing (with Mr Ward)

Trip to Chepstow Races

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On this trip we learned all about the diet of jockeys, what they have to wear to be as light as possible and how to compare different units e.g kg/pounds, miles/km/furlongs


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