Ann Cam Church of England Primary School

Ann Cam Church of England Primary School

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Class 4

Welcome to our new Year 5 and 6s!

Our topic this term is: 'Dymock Through the Ages'

What we are up to in Class 4


Here is a copy of the Summer Holiday Homework (in case it gets lost!)

Class 4 Summer Holidays Homework


What a busy few weeks we've had in class 4! Have a look below at some photos of what we've been up to!

We have had a truly brilliant Activity Week and done so much! Thank you to all the adults that helped to organise it or who came along but most importantly to the children of Class 4 who have done Miss Birtles and Mrs Dyer proud!!


Day One: Aztec Water Sports



Day Two:Bowling and Waitrose Cookery School


Day Three: Cotswold Wildlife Park



Day Four: London



Day Five: Chillout Day and Fish and Chips



Bible Build (Aly and Mike) will be coming in every Monday to show the children how links can be made between the Bible and Lego! Last week we learnt all about the Garden of Eden and this week about Noah and the Great Flood!



 Dissecting hearts in Science (the children loved it!)



Creating lungs in Science.


We had our annual visit from Mo for the K*Nex Challenge.This year we had to design a lift that would pick up a 'wheel of cheese' and place it on a high shelf in a shop! We worked extremely hard and learnt we are great at overcoming obstacles (how to create a winch and what can we do to make our structure stronger?) and working as a team!

Have a look in our gallery for more images of the final designs. 



Learning First Aid e.g. the recovery position and CPR (Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive!) with Louis from the Commandos.



From now until the end of the year we are lucky to have Commandos (Tom and Louis) come and work with Class 4 every Friday afternoon – they will do exercises/drills relating to resilience, hard work and perseverance (with some fitness thrown in!).



Making 'blood' in Science and all the components that are in it (Red Cheerios for Red Blood Cells, marshmallows for White Blood Cells, porridge for Platelets and yellow water for Plasma). Even Mr Ward popped over to see what we were up to. It was disgusting!





This term Class 4 have been raising money for Gloucestershire Young Carers as part of our RE work on helping the community. We had a cake sale and a crazy hair day! Thank you to everyone that bought and donated cakes and got up VERY early to make their children's hair look as crazy as possible! In total we raised over £130!


Click on the link below to see the winners from each year group:

Crazy Hair Day Winners


A fantastic afternoon walking around the village with PC Josh and PC Jo dropping off leaflets to inform residents about Neighbourhood Watch



A visit from some two police officers who taught us how we can be more safe online.


Parents and friends visit Class 4 to see what we have been up to!



In PSHCE we looked at what makes us unique and amazing! We thought about what our talents were so we could then teach them to someone in the class (these included: the ukulele, rugby, drawing, dance and many more!). It was great fun seeing the hidden talents of the pupils as well as what excellent teachers they will make in the future!




  Class 4 had a fantastic day with StemWorks. They built and programmed robots using Lego which had to score a goal, manoeuvre around corners and even perform a dance before three Strictly judges!



Have a look in Class 4's Photo Gallery for more pictures!


  Forest School with Mrs Pearson: making dens using only materials we find outside.



Sporting Events

Skipping with Dan the Skipping Man!


Fencing in Class 4!


Being taught how to ride skateboards in PE!



The whole school had a fantastic afternoon taking part in the Inter-house Cross-Country. There were some fabulous displays of hard work, teamwork and perseverance!

Well done to the overall winners: Drinkwater!



 Trips in Class 4

As part of our 'All About Me' topic Class 4 went on a trip to Chepstow Racecourse to learn all about healthy eating. We learnt what the jockeys eat to keep their weight down for races, metric-imperial conversions and how to create a healthy balanced diet (including all the calories!). Class 4 even got to wear jockey silks all day (which certainly helped with the cold!).

Have a look in Class 4's gallery for more images from the day.




Trip to Sky Studios in London. Class 4 were able to create, star in and direct their own movie trailer. They were allowed to use a green screen and computer technology to add backgrounds and sound effects! They showed brilliant teamwork and certainly learnt a lot on the day.