Ann Cam Church of England Primary School

Ann Cam Church of England Primary School

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Science in Class 2

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We love learning about science in class 2. Here are some photos of our experiments and activities.

Class 2 Christmas

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Cross stitch, nativity and lots more fun for Christmas

Forest School in Class 2

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We have enjoyed lots of activities outside on Friday afternoons

Class 4 STEMworks Lego Programming day

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Class 4 had a fantastic day with Mo from STEMworks. She taught them not only how to make their own robot from Lego, but also how to program it to perform different tasks - which they then were scored on. The children had to make their robot dance (with lights and sound effects) score a goal and park itself in a very small space! Class 4 very amazing and learnt some invaluable teambuilding and programming skills. Well done to our winning group: Maisie and Sam!

Bee Visit

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Class 2 had a fantastic day learning all about bees

Topic: Food

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We have been learning all about food - types of food, food groups, where it comes from and food miles, and doing lots of tasting!

Year 6 Cathedral Leaver's Service

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Year 6 were able to go to Gloucester Cathedral along with a number of other schools from the county. We were chosen to sing and dance with the company iSingPop as well as lead prayers at the end of the service. They did Ann Cam proud!

PE Week

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Class 4 had a great week going on the Daffodil Walk, rock climbing, skipping and Maypole Dancing (with Mr Ward)

Trip to Chepstow Races

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On this trip we learned all about the diet of jockeys, what they have to wear to be as light as possible and how to compare different units e.g kg/pounds, miles/km/furlongs

Class 4 K*Nex Challenge

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Class 4 had the opportunity to make fairground rides out of K*Nex. They were able to design their own ride as well as add sound and lights to it.


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