Ann Cam Church of England Primary School

Ann Cam Church of England Primary School

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Class 4

Welcome to our new Year 5 and 6s!


Our topic this term will be Invaders and Settlers - we will look at the history of England and the different people and tribes that tried to conquer it. 


Class 4 had a fantastic day with Konflux Theatre for Play in a Day - where they literally learnt a play in a day! Our play this year was Macbeth and the children loved it! At the end of the day we performed (with no scripts in sight) to the school and lots of parents.


UPDATE: have a look in Class 4's gallery for photos of our K*nex challenge (we had to design and make a playground for children!)


The Year 5's have had a fantastic time den building during Forest School with Mrs Pearson this week!





 We had a brilliant time in Birmingham at Young Voices on Friday -  the biggest children's concert in the country! We learnt over 15 songs which we sang in the Genting Arena alongside over 6,000 children and to over 5,000 parents! It was an amazing experience and one we will never forget.




Class 4 had a fantastic day with Mo from STEMworks. She taught them not only how to make their own robot from Lego, but also how to program it to perform different tasks - which they then were scored on. The children had to make their robot dance (with lights and sound effects) score a goal and park itself in a very small space! Class 4 very amazing and learnt some invaluable teambuilding and programming skills. Well done to our winning group: Maisie and Sam!





Ann Cam had a wonderful week with ISingPop, a Christian charity singing group. They came in every day and taught the whole school 7 songs and dance moves! On Thursday the children recorded their songs onto CD (like real popstars!) and on Friday they performed  2 concerts at the church. Needless to say they were exhausted afterwards!




Class 4 had a fantastic day on Friday working with the early music group 'Ensemble Moliere' (who even included a formal pupil). They learnt all about the musical instruments they played, different composers from around the world and even some traditional dances.