Ann Cam Church of England Primary School

Ann Cam Church of England Primary School

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Class 2

Topic - Australia

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During the summer term we learned about Australia. We made Lamington, Vegemite sandwiches, created Australian animals and learned lots about life 'down under'.

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Year 2 Skillzone Trip

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Year 2 children enjoy an educational trip to Skillzone each year, learning about safety in everyday life. These are our pictures from 2017.

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Wheelchair Basketball

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Class 2 loved meeting Kevin and trying out wheelchair basketball

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Our Trip to Newbridge Farm Park

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Class 2 had a fantastic, sunny day enjoying the animals and playing at Newbridge Farm Park. The perfect end to a busy term.

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Pet Day

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Class 2 enjoyed introducing and talking about their pets

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A visit from Roaming Reptiles

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Our new topic is ' Weather and Seasons' . We have been learning about the different seasons and the type of weather that may occur in each of these seasons. We made a lovely tree to show Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. 


In Art we looked at trees and then drew our own trees in winter. We had great fun making sure the branches were intertwining like a real tree!


Here are some trees in the Autumn!

Our home corner is a weather studio. We have enjoyed being weather presenters!


In Maths we have been learning about arrays and writing our own multiplication sums.


 We had fun using scales to weigh different objects.

We measured liquids using measuring jugs.


We followed a recipe to measure out magic potions.

  We made anemometers to measure the wind.

Learning about fractions and cutting bread into thirds

We planted cress heads and gave one to Mr Ward



Our Cress Heads grew beautifully! We made tasty egg and cress sandwiches.


 During PE Week we had fun on the climbing wall...


...and wrapping Mr Ward up in the maypole.